Thank you Template

Thank you Template

4 responses to “Thank you Template

  1. Jennifer Ferrigno

    I’m a single mom, adoptive mom of 3 the adoption credit has helped me and can help many more families.

  2. We are preparing to adopt five from foster care and two will be very special needs children. As a tax credit we will receive some very small help maybe a extra thousand on our refund but will by no means even come anywhere close to covering the extra cost of raising five. The refund would help us in so many ways. The added expenses of raising five, the larger vehicle, the bigger house, the additional food and clothing and on and on. Please make it refundable and truly helpful to bring five into our home. Alone they are paying out 4200.00 a month just for the foster payment by including all the additional expenses that are covered. Obviously we are saving the government thousands upon thousands so why not help us help them.

    • We are also preparing to adopt five children from Foster Care. If the Tax Credit was refundable, it would help us tremendously. I just pray when tax reform is brought up for discussion, that everyone will consider the lives of foster children. The obstacles these children face are many. What a great gift a refundable tax credit would be, to assist their new family!

  3. Christine Davis

    I am getting ready to adopt two babies and I know that a tax credit is nice but to get an actual refundable credit in the beginning would be far more helpful to us adoptive parents than to carry forward a credit for 5 years. Please spread the word, make it refundable, make these kids lives special by giving their parents a little extra help in the beginning.

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