Sample Thank You Letter

You can use the sample below to craft a thank you letter to your Senators or Representative who are co-sponsoring the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act (S. 950 or H.R. 2434). When you are talking to your two Senators, use the bill number S. 950. When talking to your Representative, use H.R. 2434.

Dear Senator/Representative [NAME]:

I am writing today to express my heartfelt gratitude for your co-sponsorship of the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Bill (S. 950/H.R. 2434). I know that as my Senator/Representative, you have many pressing concerns before you on a daily basis, so I am especially grateful for your leadership and influence on this vital adoption issue by being a co- sponsor of this bill. Your leadership on this issue is even more important now that Congressman Camp’s tax reform proposal has suggested eliminating the credit altogether. I hope that you will continue your vocal support through any tax reform discussions.

As you know, many families who adopt do not have the tax liability to benefit from the tax credit in its current form. With more than 100,000 children in U.S. foster care available for adoption, and millions of orphaned children around the world, the need is still great, and making the Adoption Tax Credit refundable is essential to providing love, safety, and permanency to children.

There are many families in our state, like mine, who have adopted or who desire to open their hearts and homes to children in need of families.

[Insert personal adoption story and experience with the tax credit here]

This bill will help to ensure that the Adoption Tax Credit can help even more of us – and, most importantly, can help the children who will ultimately benefit. I am proud of and grateful for your leadership on refundablity, which is the most critical and useful aspect of the tax credit.

Thank you for your service as my Senator, and more importantly, for your dedication and perseverance to ensure that even more children waiting to be adopted will have the opportunity to thrive in forever families of their own.

Kind regards,

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